18 Insanely Cool Products You Won’t Find In Stores!

We love these amazing and useful products and we think you will too!

We did all the hard work for you this year and put together an exclusive list of the coolest, hottest selling gadgets that you probably don’t know about. With the amount of new products coming out every day, it’s no wonder you probably haven’t heard about some of these. Many of them were first started through crowdfunding and then have continued to go viral.

You can add them to your own wishlist or get them as gifts for your loved ones! Simply click the links in the article if you want to learn more about them or buy them. There’s a product for everyone in this list.

*Editor’s note: It’s happening… Most products are already getting dangerously low on stock. Don’t miss out!

1.Smartish – Wallet iPhone Cases

Smartish based in Austin, Texas since 2009 makes everyday life a little easier with phone cases and stuff just clever enough to solve unexpected needs. Billed as the “wallet slayer” by phone case company Smartish, the Vault Slim Wallet lives up to its nickname. It holds three cards plus cash (or, if you’re like me and you rarely carry cash, you can cram in four cards). The case has grip-textured sides that have helped me drop my phone significantly less since switching to this case. That means in the long term, more money in my pocket and less money spent on purchasing a new phone!

With ultra-light and durable construction it’s both thin AND protected. Get your daily baggage under control and let the Wallet Slayer simplify your life.

Features of Smartish:

  • Carries 3 cards + cash
  • Grippy sides
  • Real real protective
  • Air pocket corners
  • Wireless charging compatible

Ditch the wallet and go slim with the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2. Your ID, credit cards, and cash all securely fit against your phone–everything you need in one place.

2. Poo Poouri– Before You Go Toilet Spray

Some say the secret to a happy relationship is separate bathrooms, but those people have never tried Poo~Pourri, the classy, sassy, ultra effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it.

For over a decade, Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray has been taking the stink and shame out of letting shit go—literally.

Their award winning before-you-go toilet sprays come in several different sizes and scents. Based on Amazon reviews and sales count its clear that thousands of customers have tried Poo Pourri for fun and continue to use it, maybe because it really works?! So I thought to myself why not try it and see if it was actually legit or another one of those money takers. To my surprise it left my bathroom with a pleasant and refreshing smell, after the business was Done! When you spray Poo Pourri into the bowl before-you-go, the proprietary formula as stated by Poo Pourri creates a protective barrier on the water’s surface. This barrier is designed to trap unpleasant bathroom odors beneath the surface and keep them out of the air. With a bottle of Poo Pourri in your handbag, I have the confidence to finally say; what you do in the bathroom is nobody’s business but yours! Poo Pourri’s aromatherapy magic replaces embarrassment with confidence in any bathroom situation. There’ll be no aerosol cover-up for you! You (and everyone around you) can breathe easy with Poo Pourri. Poo Pourri does more than just improve air quality – it’s environmentally friendly. Their secret blends rely on essential oils to eliminate bathroom odors, making it safe for the planet and your septic systems.

“Poo Pourri takes the worry about bathroom odor off of the table. You can let that shit go,” according to CEO and creator, Suzy Batiz. “Now imagine if we could all let go of the other shit we hold in. The shit that is toxic to our beings and takes up space that could be used for better things.” Forget your worries with Poo Pourri!

3. Ostrich Pillow– Power Nap Pillow

Sleep is important in order to relax and recharge. No one can go on for long without it. It not only calms our depressed and exhausted minds but also relaxes the body. We sleep tired and when we wake up, we feel refreshed. That’s due to the state your mind reaches while you are sleeping.

But what about the days when sleep does the exact opposite of what it is supposed to – the days when you wake up more tired then you were before sleeping?

A lot of people suffer from neck pains and headaches after sleep. It may be due to several reasons. If you are also experiencing neck pain after sleep, here are some causes and important instructions on how to avoid it.

Ostrich Pillow offers a micro-environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor cushion, bed or garment, but a bit of each, all at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap.

You can use the Ostrich Pillow at your desk, on a bench, on the train or while you wait at the airport to catch a flight. In fact, you can use the Ostrich Pillow whenever and wherever you feel like a nap is needed.

The Ostrich Pillow’s ergonomic design and comfort makes it both very easy to use and store. Designed to fit every head, it’s made from light materials that make it easy to take with you wherever you go.

4. Fleximounts– Automatic Garage Storage Racks

Right now is a good time to clean up and organize the garage, and there’s probably no better way to remake your garage than by getting your stuff off the floor. Fleximounts overhead racks are ideal for the job — they’re easy to assemble, modular and give you a lot of easily accessed storage space.

FLEXIMOUNTS wall racks are easy to install and available in multiple sizes for a perfect fit in the garage, shed, closet, or any other storage area. Heavy gauge powder coated steel will hold up to the most demanding environments. Mounting hardware is provided for wood stud or concrete installation.

Fleximount 4×8 foot ceiling rack is a rigid grid design and made from cold-rolled steel. It screws together securely and hangs from virtually any joist configuration — you can run each of the 4×8 modular sections in parallel along a pair of joists or perpendicular across six studs, and supports a maximum load of about 600 pounds. The drop height can be anywhere from 22 to 40 inches from the ceiling. And you can combine as many as you need to blanket your ceiling in storage, or just install one or two as needed. 

Fleximount provides the following:

  • Heavy gauge steel holds the heaviest weights safely
  • Powder coated for long lasting finish
  • Easy one-person installation
  • Installation template and bubble level included
  • Multiple sizes available for unique fit
  • Mounting hardware provided for both wood stud and concrete installation
  • 100 lb. per shelf maximum supported weight

5. Nanobebe – State Of The Art Breast Milk Bottles

Nanobébé is the first feeding bottle designed to protect precious breastmilk nutrients which are so essential to baby’s health. Thanks to its unique geometry and increased surface area, the bottle cools quickly, reducing bacterial growth and warms quickly at safe temperatures, so you can promptly feed your hungry baby without exposing breastmilk to nutrient-damaging temperatures. In fact, the nanobébé bottle warms up 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. The included breast-pump adaptor means you can express breastmilk directly into the bottle, and then store it in the freezer or fridge. 

The bottles are stackable which helps track pumping order and saves storage space. 

Finally, nanobébé’s innovative breast-like shape allows your baby to hold it on their own and self-feed from a much younger age.

6. Pur Well Living-Teeth Whitening Technology

It’s no secret that toothbrushes are disgusting tools. After all they clean bacteria, old food, and gross other stuff from our mouths everyday. And when it comes down to it, do we ever actually clean them? Improve your household’s hygiene with UV light sanitizing power and keeping your family healthy. Avoid reinfecting yourself and others after a sickness. Clean up to 5 toothbrushes at the same time, enough for you, your wife, two kids, and the random toothbrush you see everyday but no one will claim.

Bad breath and bad teeth are something no one wants, and yet toothbrushes do not get replaced as often as the should. One of the best holiday gifts for her this holiday season is one the best products on the market: The Pur-Hydro Clean Sonic Toothbrush by Pur Well Living is the longest lasting and most effective sonic toothbrush out there. It removes up to ten times more than a typical toothbrush, has stain removing technology, and adds brilliance back into teeth. Need more? Long lasting (6 months on a single charge), fully waterproof, contoured and soft-grip handle for easy use, and its super quiet. 

7. Lanmodo-Automatic Car Tent

Almost every license holder in the United States also has a vehicle, but not everyone can afford the luxury of protecting and safely parking the car in a garage, carport or any other subcontractor. The car is therefore exposed to all weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, hail, etc. These influences have a direct impact on the vehicle paint and can sometimes result in horrendous impairments in the event of a later sale.

One solution to this problem is the automatic car tent (automatic umbrella) from Lanmodo. It is almost an umbrella for the car that protects the paint and also ensures that the cabin heats up much more slowly and less. The vehicle can stand in the blazing sun for many hours and still it is possible to get in and drive off without the fear of burns or shortness of breath. But Lanmodo’s automatic folding tarpaulin can do even more. It not only protects in summer but also in winter, spring or autumn from the influences of nature. Heavy snow, hail or small flying branches or chestnuts from trees in autumn are just a few examples of what a car has to endure outside. Regardless of the season, the automatic car tent Lanmodo is a must for car lovers and as a highlight it can even be used as a camping tent. 

Main features:

  1. One-click to open and close, 30 seconds to install
  2. Fibreglass makes 10X stronger than others
  3. Protect cars from wind, sun, snow, rain, hail, falling droppings and more
  4. Withstand strong wind up to 30 mph
  5. Best car sunshade to low down car temperature, keep cool in hot summer, lower temperature up to 35 ℃
  6. Fits most of cars including trucks, SUV, minivan, pickup and more, please note that this car tent might not cover all your car body, which depends on different car sizes
  7. Super Waterproof & Easy To Clean
  8. Double Anti-theft Designs

8. Petspy-E Collar To Assist Dogs

Walking with your dog is a complete bliss at times. However, things can go south pretty fast if you lost control of your puppy and risk him running into traffic or danger. To help mitigate some of this risk, you would want to wear a leash and collar onto your furry friend. But then again, that itself poses another risk, which is allowing the dog to pull while walking!

So, in this case, what to do? Leash pulling is a common behavioral problem that is bugging most dog owners. To solve this issue, PetSpy has introduced the e-collar to assist in correcting this behavior.

Encourage excellent etiquette with PetSpy’s Dog Training Collar. It is exclusively designed to help professional dog trainers as well as first time pet owners to have their dogs trained in the matter of days. Keep in mind that dog training is not just about training the canine, it’s also teaching the people to understand the canine. Once there is an understanding of how dogs think, people can do a better job of training them. 

9. Raven -Computer Free Document Scanner

Raven Pro Document Scanner turns paper documents into searchable digital documents, allowing you to go paperless with wireless scanning to your preferred cloud destination, email, fax (US only), USB flash drive, SMB network share folder, FTP, FTPS or SFTP.

Effortless Scanning. Digitized Documents in The Cloud.

Perfect for All Settings

With scan speeds of up to 60 pages per minute, duplex two-sided scanning and an automatic document feeder that holds up to 100 sheets, this scanner is built to handle any office or home setting. No cables or software installation required to start scanning to your favorite loud destinations, email, fax (US only), USB flash drive or SMB network share folder and FTP. Scan quality modes support 200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi and 600dpi.

Features to Optimize Scanning

A large 8 inch LCD touchscreen, automatic deskewing to prevent crooked pages, automatic orientation to rotate pages, automatic blank page removal and ultrasonic page detection for optimal scanning workflow. Documents are fully searchable with built-in AI-driven optical character recognition (OCR) that detects text and handwriting on pages – making it easy to find your documents.

10. Wowables – The Reusable Paper Towel

Aren’t you tired of the use and abuse of regular paper towels in your household? Have you ever took the time to think about how many regular paper towels you use and how much money you spend on them per year?  In The USA alone, “Big Paper Towel” is an over $6 Billion/Year industry. Entire store aisles devoted to them at supermarkets (what other product can claim that?). Our addiction to regular paper towels is conditioned in us at this point, we are at the store weekly etc., purchasing more.  We use them for all kinds of clean-ups and then throw them away after only one use. Many of the times needing many sheets to accomplish the goal. There hasn’t been a viable alternative to the paper towel in over 100 years, UNTIL NOW! 

Not REPLACING the Paper towel – but IMPROVING IT. 

With Wowables™, you don’t throw a sheet away each and every time you use it, like you do a regular disposable paper towel sheet. You use it for all your cleaning needs, then simply rinse out  as needed and use again and again and again. And its not done yet, a simple cleaning in the dishwasher or washing machine in colder cycles brings it back to “like new”.  It’s one of those “finally made it to market”  products.

*The average family of 4 uses 104 rolls of regular paper towels/year, at approx. $208/year (do the math yourself). But with the 12 count Wowables™ roll, on average, a family will save up to $200 on standard paper towel usage and over a lifetime you can save up to $14,000 – NOW THAT’S HUGE!  And if you use Swiffer or other Dry Sweeper Mops, add even more BIG savings on top of this!

Disposable Paper Towels are over-used in American society because of mass consumer conditioning through massive marketing campaigns saying using and immediately throwing a sheet out is “easiest”.  But is it?  Why can’t we use a sheet, rinse it out and place it in the sink instead? That’s pretty easy as well. Disposable Paper Towels have become such a landfill nightmare. Did you know that 544,000 trees would be salvaged per year if each US family used 1 fewer rolls of disposable paper towels. It takes seventeen trees and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted to manufacturer only 1 Ton of disposable paper towels. And 120,000 tons of waste could be saved if each USA household utilized 3 fewer rolls/year, in addition, it would eliminate $4,100,000 in landfill dumping fees. Each tree has huge value, let’s appreciate the reusable.

With Wowables® usage, you are making the important decision to stop all the waste, get a better product and save yourself lots of money in the process.

11. Viatom Technology Co. -Self Monitoring Heart Health Tracker

Why ECG recorder is needed?

We know that ECG test can let your doctor look at your heart’s activity at rest and at one point in time, but heart attack is sporadic and starts suddenly and nobody can predict when an attack will happen. Sometimes after you arrive at hospital, the symptom is disappeared and the doctor cannot diagnose your disease because your ECG result is normal at that time.

Thanks to Viatom Technology’s portable ECG monitor such a problem can finally be resolved. RECOMMENDED for seniors and those with heart health issues, Viatom provides individuals with peace of mind and convenience.

Check out these amazing features:

  • All In One Vital Signs Monitor: Checkme Pro monitors ECG, oxygen saturation, perfusion index, blood pressure, temperature and steps in just one device with card-size design. It is the “Swiss Army Knife” for professionals.
  • Professional And Innovative: FDA/CE/JPAL/TGA/ROHS/FCC certificated, ECG/SpO2 spot check can be easily performed with equipped dry electrodes/SpO2 sensor, or you can plug in external ECG cable/SpO2 probe to make measurement conveniently.
  • Data Management: Manage your vital signs data conveniently by free APP “MyBeats Hub”. Checkme pro also supports to transfer data to Windows PC software, report of vital signs can be created by PC software and printed out.
  • Continuous Monitoring: 24-Hour ECG Holter detects irregular heart rhythm. Checkme Pro also supports up to 10 hours SpO2 continuous monitoring for sleep apnea or OSA screening.
  • You Will Get: Checkme pro vital signs monitor, bluetooth smart BP monitor, ECG cable, SpO2 probe, wrist band, waist belt and ECG electrodes.

12. Tesvor – Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop

Three months after the launched M1, the company’s first laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner of Tesvor- S6 enters the market. It realizes the function of the Virtual Boundaries set based on the support of the latest laser navigation technology and real-time map and makes the clean sessions are conducted more accurately.

These are the features of the New Tesvor-S6 (I think #4 is pretty NEAT):

1 Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation

A laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner always is the choice of most people.

Considering the highly developed laser sensor exactly better to scans the whole apartment, so that the cleaning route can be creating on a very accurate virtual map. Besides that, it can recognize and avoid common home hazards that may trip up other robots. From stray shoes to cables, and more.

2 Advanced Custom Cleaning

With custom mode, you can draw and designate zones on the map of your home and your robot will know which areas need the most attention. And create unlimited custom boundaries to keep the robot away from areas where you don’t want the robot to go.

Use these smart functions to customize your cleaning route to cover all areas that need to be cleaned, and even deep clean a certain location.

3 Vacuum and Mop

The S6 from TESVOR is also characterized by excellent wiping performance. With the new APP, your personal cleaning needs can be easily set, and the water metered 3 times. Optional minimum, normal and maximum. Just as your cleaning requirements are.

4 Online firmware upgrade

OTA online upgrade function, real-time data search, and update. The more you use the robot vacuum, the smarter it becomes — no need to buy the new with the latest functions.

5 Strong endurance and Powerful 2700 PA Suction

2500 mAh battery adapt with the three-level suction can extend working time.

Normal: It works with schedule cleaning mode suitable for night cleaning, and its cleaning times are up to 120 minutes.

Strong: It can easily clean the pet’s hair, dust, debrisi, etc. And the cleaning times are up to 80 minutes.

Max: It can deeply clean the place that needs cleaning, and the cleaning times are up to 60 minutes.

6 Intelligence cleaning system with real-time map

S6 can create an accurate real-time map and provides whole-house planning cleaning.

Four independent chips, coordinated with each other, rationally regulate the cleaning path through the VSLAM algorithm, thus achieving efficient and complete coverage without unnecessary double cleaning. Especially suitable for hard floors, thin carpets, and rugs.

7 Recharge and resume

Automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is low, and continues where it left off when charged.

13. Cheerble Wicked Ball – Automatic Interactive Ball For Cats & Dogs

Keep your pet company all day with the Cheerble Wicked Ball Smart Automatic Pet Toy. Designed for dogs and cats, this device eliminates feelings of boredom and loneliness when you are away. Likewise, Cheerble Wicked Ball gives them the fun, exercise and interaction they long for when you are not there. As an interactive pet toy, it surprises and delights your furry friend. 

Requiring no app or software, the automatic toy works as a fitness pet toy by inspiring your pet to run and explore and scratch and sniff. The smart automatic pet toy also interacts with your pet for the entire day, regardless of whether you’re home or out. The amazing thing about the Wicked Ball is that it is Completely automatic and it features three modes for interaction to make it ideal for your pet. You can select these modes by a simple touch of a button. Responding to your pet’s touch, bites, and movement, Cheerble Wicked Ball is totally interactive as it captures your pet’s attention.

Wicked Ball is the moving toy for dogs and cats. It is designed with interactive moving features that will stimulate pet’s nature of hunting, and help fully mobilize their enthusiasm and curiosity. This amazing moving toy is going to give your pet the interaction and exercise they crave for even when you are not around.

  • 100% Automatic Moving Toy;
  • Hands-Free & No App Required;
  • 3 Interaction Modes To Match Different Activity Levels;
  • Never Get Stuck – Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Sensor;
  • USB Rechargeable: 1-Hour Charge for 8-Hour Fun;
  • Built-in Catnip/Snack Hole for Extra Excitement;
  • Replaceable Outer Shell.

14. NuCalm –  Technology Proven To Resolve Stress And Improve Sleep Quality

NuCalm is clinically proven to naturally relax the brain and body within minutes, without drugs. This patented technology addresses the brain circuitry in the limbic system, the hypothalamus and the brainstem responsible for activating the stress response. NuCalm works specifically on the body’s inhibitory system, the GABAergic system.

NuCalm is comprised of three discrete steps that work together to slow brain waves to the frequency of the first stages of sleep and create parasympathetic nervous system dominance. Within moments of application, you will begin to feel relief from the ‘fight-or-flight’ sympathetic nervous system response and your stress hormone (cortisol) levels will begin to decline as the HPA axis is inhibited.

How It Works:

Step1: Apply the NuCalm® Biosignal Processing Disc.

Step 2: Choose your journey in the NuCalm® mobile app.

Step 3: Cover your eyes, sit back, and enjoy your NuCalm®.

15. RAVPower– Fast Wireless Portable Charger

Massive Power Charge all your devices from a single outlet with the RAVPower 6-Port Wall Charger. This compact and safe charging station have a massive 60W total power to charge up to 6 of your smartphones and tablets simultaneously at full speed. iSmart RAVPower iSmart Smart Charging Technology automatically identifies connected devices and their unique charging requirements. Every USB port then delivers exactly the right amount of power to match your device needs, guaranteeing a safer and more efficient charging speed.

Power Organization By charging through a single multi-port wall charger, you reduced the number of USB wall chargers required and freed up outlets in your home and office. The 1.5M power cable is long enough to let the charger reach further or hide out of sight. Safe and Compact On the outside, the RAVPower 6-Port Wall Charger is fire-resistant and comes with a sleek matte black finish. Inside, the compact body is a new generation of the circuit design with overcharging, overheating, short circuit protection, and even 110V to 240V input for use around the world.

Breakdown Of What The RavPower 6 Port Wall Charger Offers:

RAVPower iSmart Smart Charging Technology automatically identifies connected devices and their unique charging requirements. Every USB port then delivers exactly the right amount of power to match your device needs, guaranteeing a safer and more efficient charging speed.

Power Organization
By charging through a single multi-port wall charger, you reduced the number of USB wall chargers required and freed up outlets in your home and office. The 1.5M power cable is long enough to let the charger reach further or hide out of sight.

Safe and Compact
On the outside, the RAVPower 6-Port Wall Charger is fire-resistant and comes with a sleek matte black finish. Inside, the compact body is a new generation of the circuit design with overcharging, overheating, short circuit protection, and even 110V to 240V input for use around the worl

16. HidrateSpark– Smart Water Bottle

Hydrated? With 75% of Americans dehydrated, Hidrate makes drinking water cool. You can sip, track, monitor how much you need and see the progress. The result: your cognitive, physical and emotional health increases.

It’s simple: a hydrated person is healthier and more productive, at work and at home.” Track your water intake with the Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle. Never worry about how much water you need again with this water bottle. This cool water bottle comes with a sensor that glows that reminds you to drink water. The app calculates how much hydration your body needs based on your location and physiology. How cool is that??? It is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, MyFitness Pal, Nokia Health Mate and Under Armour Record.

Stay hydrated and stay healthy with Hidrate Spark 3.

17. Lanmodo – Vast Pro Night Vision

Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is an innovation that will bring you a safer driving journey. Featured with dual 1080P high resolution, full-color image, recording function, parking monitoring, and G-sensor, it will provide you a new driving experience day and night.

Dual 1080 Image In Vivid Colour

Featured with dual 1080P high resolution and full-color image for its both front and rear-view cameras, Vast Pro will provide drivers with a clear and crisp image even in darkness. 

View Distance Up To 300M/984ft

Lanmodo Vast Pro is designed with a Sony CMOS sensor chip and 7-layer full glass to capture a clear image in full-color at night. The view distance can up to 300M/984ft, providing drivers more reaction time to avoid an accident. 

Real Time Recorder

Lanmodo Vast Pro provides real-time recording with a clear image at 1080P for day and night to enhance your driving safety. The front and rearview cameras of the Vast Pro can record simultaneously, and it supports a maximum capacity of 128G.

24HR Parking Monitor And Dashcam

Front 45° monitoring range & Rear 170° monitoring range to record all things well to protect your car during parking.  

G-Sensor Locks Collision Videos

G-sensor detects a sudden collision and separately saves the collision footage to protect your car. All videos are stored in the TF card and named by recording time, you can directly playback videos on the system or check them on your computer through a card reader.

Key Features Of The Rearview Camera

  • 1080P high resolution & full-color image to capture a clear image of behind road conditions.
  • Supports real-time recording and parking monitoring.
  • IP67 waterproof, keep it safe from raindrops.

18. Boba – Easy-to-Wear Maternity Clothing

The all-in-one Boba 4G Carrier is designed to adapt

Designed to go and grow with you, the Boba 4G Carrier is ideal for kiddos ranging from 7 pounds to 45 pounds.

This innovative and adjustable Boba exclusive has a list of family-friendly features that goes for miles. We’re talking maximum comfort and convenience for both parent and newborn-to-toddler. Bonding just reached new heights. This print by designer Holli Zollinger features hip multi-colored triangles on a gray field framed in slate.

– Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier comes with an integrated infant insert and may be used well into toddlerhood.

– The carrier accommodates both front and back carry options.

– Our ergonomic design, foot straps, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

– The Boba Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind.